Advertise on VStv

Advertising on VStv allows your business to reach hundreds of thousands of new customers in Knox, Waldo, Kennebec, Penobscot and Lincoln counties.

We can build a marketing program that helps you…

  • Increase Customer Traffic (to your store or business)
  • Build Customer Awareness (…of something new or different about your products or services)
  • Increase Market Share (i.e., take business from your competition)
  • Establish Name Recognition (aka, Let the world know you’re here)
  • Reduce Inventory (e.g., Sale)
  • Reach Your Target Demographic/Geographic Area
  • Create Brand Awareness (How you’re different/better than your competitors)

Our team is ready to assist in creating your commercial and offer production services for basic to high-end commercials.


Total Households = 95,500+

Total Viewers = 160,000+


For more information about advertising and/or commercial production services, please contact:

John Viehman

Sales Director, 207-230-0260,

Call for a free consultation.

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