Watch VStv on Your Roku

What is Roku?

Roku is an external streaming device, connected to your television, that lets you choose the programs you'd like to watch, when you want to watch them. Many networks allow exclusive access to specific programs and episodes, sometimes with registration. And certain online web series are available as well!

What do I need for Roku?

You will need a wireless internet connection and a TV. Your TV connections will determine which device you can get (HDMI or Video cables).

It is recommended to have a internet connection with a minimum of 3.0 Mbps (megabits per second) for HD, but the average speed in the US is 10 Mbps. So, you're good!

Where can I get a Roku device?

You can find Roku at Walmart, Radio Shack, Target, Best Buy or order online at or on Amazon. It is a one-time purchase, but some channels may require a paid subscription, such as Netflix or Hulu, if you don't already have them.

Which device should I get?

It depends on your preference and the type of connections your TV has.

For more information, please visit Roku's website.

I have Roku, where can I find VStv?

On the homescreen, navigate to the menu on the left, down to "Search." Type in "VStv".

When you find the VStv logo and click on it, there will be a free, one-time registration using your email address. It will instruct you on how to enter the code. Press enter and you're all set up!

But I have more questions!

If you have any technical issues or questions, please send an email to